Saturday, March 24, 2012


Nick Christians
March 24, 2012

I received these pictures from Grad Student Andrew Hoiberg on March 23. They were taken in a very protected area by animal science on ISU campus. I did another check of the areas on campus where I see crabgrass first each year on the morning of March 24 and still see no crabgrass germinating in these areas. I'll keep you posted on other developments.

These are the real thing. It is large hairy crabgrass. Notice the pointed leaf tip and the fine hairs on the leaf margin.

I would like more pictures from around the state as you see crabgrass emerge. I will get them up on the blog. This does appear to be one of the earliest springs in my 33 years here in central Iowa.

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Fred Yelverton said...

Nick, Congratulations on finding crabgrass in Iowa in March. For the record, March 25 if typically when we see it in NC. That is when our historical 24 mean soil temps hit 55 and tend not to drop below that. So it appears that you are way ahead of schedule. Looks like Iowa is having a NC spring!!! Better up those PRE herbicide rates!!!