Friday, June 6, 2014


Nick Christians
June 6, 2014

Josh Lenz

Josh Lenz is a new graduate student who is working on a masters of horticulture at Iowa State University.  He is doing the non-thesis option and will complete a creative component.  He works full time with the athletic department.

Josh will be looking at chemical and physical changes in the soil of sand-based sports fields subjected to repeated painting.

His treatments include:

1. Untreated control
2. Aerosol paint
3.  Acrylic paint 1:1 with water
4. Acrylic paint 2:1 with water (two part water:1 part paint)
5. Acrylic paint 4:1 with water

He will be painting the plots weekly through the season.  His measurements will include cation exchange capacity, nutrient holding capacity, water infiltration rates, bulk density and a variety of other physical soil parameters.  The study will go on for two years.

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