Friday, September 30, 2011


Nick Christains
September 30, 2011
While it has been dry in Central Iowa, we have not seen the severe drought condition that is occurring in South Western Iowa.  I have had an increased number of calls, particularly from lawn care professional, who are wondering about treating dormant lawns with fertilizer and wondering about weed control issues.

In the 33 seasons that I have been here at ISU, the worst drought that we saw in this area was in 1988.  We did research on these issues that year and I published the work in Lawn Servicing Magazine (which no longer exists) and in other sources.  Today I am posting an article based on that work.  On Monday, I will post a second installment on the 1988 research. 

The pages are in jpg and you will need to click on them like a picture.  You should be able to then enlarge the print.

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