Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The greens after seeding as they appeared on Aug. 27

Supt. Daryl Clingerman, Aug 27

Hail damage Aug. 9

Hail stones after several hours of melting.

Hail damage Aug. 9

Damage to club house.

On August 27, I had a chance to stop and see the hail damage at Pine Lake C.C. in Eldora. I have not seen hail damage like this in Iowa for more than 25 years.
Here is a description from Supt. Daryl Clingerman:

On Aug 9th, Pine Lake Country Club in Eldora, Iowa was hit by a hail and wind storm. 12-14 minutes of sustained 2"-3+" hail driven by straight line winds with gusts over 100 mph. This caused extensive damage to turf, trees and structures alike.

The greens have since been cored aerated, heavily top dressed, and seeded to combat estimated 35% turf loss. Fairways, tees and collars will be seeded the first week of September. The course is closed indefinitely.

Daryl has reseeded greens and is in the process of converting fairways to low-mow blues. We'll put up some additional posts as the recovery process proceeds.


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